people r crazy lmao I use ezgif sometimes and my MINIMUM from the time an MV drops to getting a gifset out is 10 minutes if I’m rushing!! 7 minutes for loona TV bc the videos are only a minute long. 5 minutes WHERE

at a minimum you gotta download the video, figure out timestamps, crop, edit speed, change coloring (bc newsflash pretty gifs are never using the original coloring/lighting lmao), people are acting like you literally upload a video and out pops a perfect gif

reposting has always been one of my biggest pet peeves but I’ve had to turn a blind eye bc it makes me so angry, so I’m glad a lot more people are speaking up about it now.

DON’T REPOST GIFS, IT’S THAT EASY. or at least take a few seconds to credit where you got the gifs from!!

thanks for coming to my ted talk.



you can now post multiple gifs in one tweet on twitter

someone was like “now tumblr has really come to twitter!”

you mean now you can steal even more of our content to repost to your twitter accounts without any credit or repercussions to build a following on literal laziness



if u see a repost on twt (or anywhere else) PLEASE contact the op and dm or comment on the repost. we need to address this. don’t just look the other way. i’ve seen so many posts from heartbroken gifmakers who had their work stolen today. big or small accounts—it doesn’t matter. stealing is never ok.

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